At Panny Hire LLC we provide Camera Rental, lens rental, crew rental, lighting rental and much more. We also provide training; one-to-one training sessions with cameras or software and lighting workshops from our rental locations in Los Angeles, LA, Hollywood and Burbank.

We rent all of the cutting edge cameras and lenses like RED EPIC Dragon, RED EPIC-W, ARRI Alexa Mini, Sony A7S II and Sony FS7, with cinema lenses like ARRI Zeiss Master Prime, ARRI Zeiss Ultra Prime, RED Pro Zoom, Angenieux, Zeiss Compact Zoom and more. 

We have a great range of lenses including Arri Ultra Prime lenses, Canon Cinema CN-E prime lenses, Canon L Series zooms and primes, Carl Zeiss Distagon/Planar Cine-Mod primes, PL Zeiss Compact Primes and PL RED PRO zoom cinema lenses..

We provide hands-on camera training workshops at our studios or at your location, led by professionals working in the industry. We offer lighting courses, sound courses, post-production and editing courses, etc.

We can supply the cameras, the crew, the lenses, the lighting, the grip, everything.. We are approved suppliers, we have a successful and proven track record of working with the biggest production companies in the USA..



Our Clients

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