Panny Hire provides Camera Rental, lens rental, crew rental and camera training from our rental locations in Los Angeles, LA, Hollywood and Burbank. We rent RED EPIC-W 8K Helium, Arri Zeiss Master Prime lenses, Arri Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses, RED Scarlet-W, Arri Alexa Mini, Canon C300 MKII, DJI Ronin, Sony A7S II, Sony FS7, Canon 5D MK4, Canon XF305 and much more.



Our Clients

Pannyhire Panny Hire Camera Birmingham, London, Arri / Zeiss Ultra Prime, RED EPIC Dragon, Phantom HD Gold, Manchester, Arri Alexa Rental, Bristol | The Filmmakers Friend – 24/7 0121 469 0070 contactformATpannyhireDOTcoDOTuk